An Indelible mark

The Sertum product has been tested in our laboratories with respect to every component. All the materials have been subject to rigorous certifications and controls and all the processing has been carried out with the highest process standards. Sertum therefore guarantees a perfect functioning, no defects and quality materials. However, should any imperfections be encountered, please contact a Sertum authorized dealer. In order to take advantage of this guarantee, a metal “Identity Card” will be requested from you, clearly identifying your product.


Sertum guarantees its own writing articles against any defect concerning both materials and processing for the entire life of the owner, registered at the moment of purchase or, whenever the product has been purchased as a gift, registered on the website www.sertum.com within two months from the date of purchase.

Register your Sertum

If your Sertum has been given to you, please use the form below to register it in your name and obtain a personal lifetime guarantee.
Enter the limited number, select the product and write the name and surname of the person who bought the Sertum for you. Then write your name and email address so that we can activate the guarantee.