A beautiful story lives on whenever it is told

Sertum is a word recalling extremely ancient memories, belonging to a civilization which provided the roots of the Italian culture. Sertum was the crown of Latin people, destined only for heroes and great leaders.


And Sertum was the name chosen in the Thirties of the last century by an Italian entrepreneur who had built motorcycles for two decades, with the ability of combining cutting-edge mechanical and  aerodynamic solutions, with an extraordinary performance, winning the admiration of the international public, at that time extremely fascinated by the “wonders” of new engines. The speed and lightness, dynamism and curiosity for anything new, the “superman” culture and the fascination for the future: Sertum originated from this culture between the Two Wars. A jewel of Italian industry, born when the whole of Europe was celebrating and rejoicing at the arrival of an unknown invention: speed.


Today, the Sertum brand lives on in a family of objects able to retell a story filled with passion and styleObjects speaking about made ​​in Italy, quality, craftsmanship and technological research,  sophisticated and sensitive aesthetics. Once again, Sertum tells a legendary and timeless story .


The Sertum fountain pen, first product with this trademark after sixty years, continues to tell this legendary story of quality and research.